does vinegar go bad

Does Vinegar Go Bad?

Question: Does vinegar go bad? Answer: Vinegar is composed mainly of acetic acid and water. It is made by transforming an alcohol substance like wine into acetic acid. The transformation occurs when a bacteria is introduced into the alcohol, which works to eliminate the sugar as the vinegar ages. Before you start second guessing the …

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alcohol in vinegar

Does Vinegar Have Alcohol?

Question: Does vinegar have alcohol? Answer: Alcohol is sometimes hidden in foods which we might suspect do not contain it. Alcohol may be found in desserts, cheeses, sauces, artificial flavoring, and more. This is obviously a concern for some people who wish to avoid alcohol for health, religious, or other reasons. But what about vinegar? Does …

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Is Vinegar Acidic?

Question: Is vinegar acidic? Answer: Vinegar is diluted acetic acid. It consists of approximately 5 percent acetic acid by volume.  The pH of vinegar is about 2.2 percent, which is close to lemon juice at around a 2 pH. You probably remember from chemistry class that a pH below 7.0 means acidity, 7.0 is neutral. and above 7.0 is a …

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vinegar kill mold

Does Vinegar Kill Mold?

Question: Does vinegar kill mold? Answer: Vinegar is mainly used for cooking or other food related uses. However, the popularity of vinegar as a cleaning agent has steadily increased over recent years. Just go on  Pinterest and you will find numerous uses for vinegar as a cleaner. You probably could spend a good portion of your day listing …

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