How Much Vinegar To Clean Floors?

Question: How much vinegar to clean floors?

Answer: You don’t need an expensive cleaning solution to mop your floors. All that it takes is a mixture of water and vinegar to get your floors nice and clean without streaks. In many cases, vinegar is made naturally and does a decent job at killing bacteria and germs.

However, vinegar is not meant to be used on all types floors or surfaces. Vinegar can potentially harm granite, marble, and stone. I have also heard grumblings that vinegar can harm the finish on some hardwood floors. I have personally used it for years on my hardwood floors and have not noticed damage. This, however, does not mean that it can’t be harmful.

You should always test a vinegar cleaning solution in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it does not damage the surface. Vinegar is composed partly of acetic acid and is not a neutral substance that can be used to clean everything in sight. Be cautious. For some surfaces, it possible that a vinegar mixture could do damage over the long haul after many uses.

How much vinegar should you use to clean your floors? Mix one gallon (four quarts) of warm water with a half cup of white distilled vinegar. Sweep the surface clean of debris.  Dip the mop in the vinegar/water, remove, and thoroughly wring out the mop before you start working a small area with the mop. Mop the same direction as the floorboards (if applicable). Routinely rinse the mop back into the bucket that is holding the vinegar and water. The vinegar water can get dirty quickly so you may need to dump it and create a new batch if you are cleaning a large area.

Yes, your house will smell like vinegar for several hours after the cleaning. The smell will be noticeable but it is bearable for most people. You can add essential oils to the cleaning mixture that contain your favorite smell. Approximately 10-15 drops should help mask the vinegar smell.